About Acupressure

Acupressure is an ancient healing art. It is similar to acupuncture, but uses gentle finger pressure rather than needles. The human body has energy flowing through it all the time. This energy moves in very predictable pathways known as meridians. There are hundreds of points on the surface of the skin that connect with these pathways. These points influence the way energy flows through the meridians and through every part of the body. Each point has its own unique quality and relationship to the whole. Combining these points to address specific health issues is an art form that has been practiced in many countries for thousands of years.

There are many different styles of acupressure throughout the world. The method we use is very gentle and relaxing. The acupressure practitioner applies gentle finger pressure to special point combinations, and will always hold two points at the same time. The receiver stays fully clothed, and can receive the session while sitting comfortably in a chair or while lying down.

The potential benefits of acupressure may include:

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